First member of Asala entrepreneurs register in Chamber of Commerce and Industry in south Hebron

First member of Asala entrepreneurs register in Chamber of Commerce and Industry in south Hebron

Donia Alwatan-Palestine

2014 is a year of achievements for Asala’s entrepreneurs in Hebron. Yesterday, a special ceremony was held during the registration of women in the Chamber of Commerce as the first women to enter the chamber in the southern Hebron "Al-Zaheriya". 11 women entrepreneurs and the staff of the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association "Asala" attended the registration meeting. During the meeting, the chamber employees confirmed that the registered women are the first women who entered into the chamber of commerce in the south of Hebron and the women entrepreneurs were granted membership certificates on the first day of their registration in the Chamber of Commerce,                  

  The Executive Director of Asala Reem Aboushi said that partnership with the Chambers of Commerce is part of the Asala’s message which is the economic and social empowerment of Palestinian women, as women entrepreneurs always need support services. The registration of women in the chambers of commerce was vital, in order to highlight their contribution to economic activity, as well as to make them available for access to the services of the Chambers of Commerce, as reflected in the increased female presence in those bodies. She also stressed that Asala would always remain in various areas that enable Palestinian women economically and socially and would continue to enhance the reality of women.

The Director of the Chamber of Commerce in the south of Hebron, Mr. Majed Abu Sharkh, also emphasized the importance of the cooperation with the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association "Asala", which should extend to the permanent partnership, especially in the development of the Gender Unit in the chamber, which deals with registered women entrepreneurs. In addition, each woman who arrived in the Chamber of Commerce can benefit from the services offered by the chambers to develop and improve her project, and the membership of women in the Chamber of Commerce enables them to vote and run for the board of directors and sectoral committees.

 Huda Yusef, the first woman registered in the chamber of commerce in southern Hebron, said, "After I took the loan from Asala and my project was established in the village of Sekeh, south of Hebron, I took the necessary training to manage my project and succeeded as I wanted. When ASALA presented the idea of being a member in the Chamber of Commerce, I recognized the importance of my project, so I did not hesitate to register to be able to benefit from all services, training and participation in events, exhibitions and bazaars"

The Palestinian Businesswomen's Association “Asala” is getting ready this month to hold a meeting in Tulkarm governorate for 30 women entrepreneurs, and it gets ready at the beginning of the next month to hold a new meeting for 25 women in Jenin governorate.