Asala organizes workshop entitled "I have the right to inherit"

Asala organizes workshop entitled "I have the right to inherit"

Al-Fajer Aljadeed TV

The Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association “Asala” organized a workshop entitled "I have the right to inherit" under the auspices of Tulkarm Governor Dr. Abdullah Kamil in the presence and participation of a number of civil and official institutions in the governorate.

Samer Khodair, the Communication and Advocacy Officer in Asala emphasized that the association launched a new plan in all governorates to raise women's awareness of their right to inherit as it is in the Holy Quran and in the guaranteed form by the Palestinian law, to know what they have and what their rights and duties are. He indicated that this information is not new, but it should reach society in all its details.

From his side, Dr. Kameel emphasized that woman is the half of society who has struggled and led, and added that women should take their right in all aspects, including their  right to inheritance, to achieve development at all levels in the Palestinian society, he confirmed that Islam gave women the right to inherit, and this requires more awareness among citizens through the speakers of mosques, mass media and more meetings and workshops.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce Hassan Al-Qaisi thanked the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association "Asala" for the joint cooperation in holding this workshop, which aims at educating citizens regarding women's rights, especially their right to inherit and the necessity of preserving this right.

Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Aboushi, the judge of the Sharia Court in the governorate, explained the inheritance, its causes and conditions, confirming that Islam honors women and preserves their rights.