Asala holds session to discuss policy paper on gender response of TVET

23 Jul
Asala holds session to discuss policy paper on gender response of TVET

Ramallah- The Palestinian Business Women Association “Asala” held a policy paper presentation and discussion session on Thursday titled “Towards A Gender Responsive TVET to Increase Women Economic Participation”, in cooperation with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) via Zoom.

A number of representatives of institutions and ministries participated in the session, the results of the study prepared by Dr. Randa Hilal, an expert in education, vocational training, gender and development from the Optimum Consulting and Training Company in cooperation with the staff were presented, which dealt with the extent to which the educational and vocational training system responds to the needs of women and the obstacles they face in this field, in addition to presenting conclusions about education, vocational training and entrepreneurship, the paper also focused on the enabling factors required for improving the vocational education and training system.

The policy paper came out with an action plan that will be implemented at the policy level to change laws and strategies, at the level of addressing operational issues, as well as recommendations for the implementation of activities by the Asala Association and participation in lobbying and advocacy, in addition to recommendations at the general level to unify efforts and participatory work, with the aim of encouraging women to integrate In TVET, and meeting the needs of women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Mrs. Raja Rantisi, Chair of the Association's Board of Directors, stressed during the session the importance of uniting efforts and working jointly to implement the recommendations that came out of the policy paper, noting the need to adopt policies to motivate women to enter the field of education and vocational training, in order to encourage them in their pioneering work. This reinforces the mission of the Asala Association, which aims to empower Palestinian women economically.

Dr. Randa Hilal stressed the importance of education and vocational training to create new opportunities for female entrepreneurs that break the traditional pattern. She also talked about the importance of studies in working to change the stereotype of professional and technical majors; that are classified on the basis of gender.  To enhance the presence of women in non-traditional disciplines, thus contributing to the integration of Women in economic activity.

Representatives of institutions and gender advocacy in the ministries affirmed their readiness to unite efforts that would improve the response of vocational education centers to gender advocacy, as well as adopt the recommendations that came out of the policy paper.

It is noteworthy to mention that this session is part of the mobilization and advocacy program of the Palestinian Association of Businesswomen - Asala, in partnership with the Center for International Small Enterprises (CIPE), and Cowater Sogema, within the project of creating economic opportunities for young women and men in the West Bank, GROW funded by the Government of Canada.