Social Innovation in the Agri-food sector for Women’s Empowerment in the Mediterranean Sea basin “InnovAgroWoMed”

About the project:

It is a 3-years project funded at 87% by the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin program and aims at boosting women labor participation and entrepreneurship, especially for those in the NEET segment, by leveraging on the potential of the agri-food sector - an industry closely resonating with the cultural identity of the Mediterranean Basin, and showing a significant level of untapped potential in terms of innovation and growth in the Mediterranean.

What will improve?

Rural Social Innovation (RSI) model, tailored according to the local needs, ensures that the women after intensive training programs will have the necessary skills to be competitive and more prepared to find a job or become entrepreneurs.

This will allow them not only to find a job but also a sustainable and desirable job as it will transform them into real agents of change in the rural contexts, they live in reducing poverty and boosting social inclusion. 

This entails tailored research, training and placement activities that will establish the core of the project: 35 women per country (140 in total) will be trained with marketable skills to improve their capacity according to the RSI model. 80% of the 140 women will find a job after the end of the training (28 per country) as the output of subsequent job matching and job creation activities Project statistic information Select the thematic field of interventions relevant to your project.

The targeted areas:

 This project will focus on two European regions (Valencia, Spain and Sicily, Italy) and two MENA areas (Beja and Medenin in Tunisia, and Palestine), identified as suitable for the implementation and scaling up of a sustainable value model in agri-food: Rural Social Innovation (RSI). RSI redefines the boundaries between organizations and the community, addressing broader societal challenges by seeking economic, social and environmental sustainability; balancing tradition and innovation; and explicitly seeking community development at the local level.

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