Samya Rjoub is a 30-year-old woman entrepreneur with a physical disability in her left hand and leg. Samya lives with her eight siblings and her parents in a small house in Dura village (Hebron). She only completed her secondary school education. Disability issues did not limit Samya from aspiring to peruse her goals and ambitions of being a successful female entrepreneur and an active member of her community. Samya volunteers and participates in many organizations such as The Palestinian General Union of people with disabilities in Hebron, Dura Association for people with disabilities, YWCA in Bethlehem and Hebron, and Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation. Samya also runs a small- scale business of dairy production with her mother. She owns six sheep and sells dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and butter. She had 15 sheep before, but seven sheep died after grazing in fields where pesticides were used.

Samya participated in the financial training provided by Asala, which took place from January 6 until January 9 2020 in Dura village (Hebron). The training has significantly enhanced Samya’s skills and competence to manage her business financially and more efficiently. For instance, through the training, Samya has improved her financial skills such as budgeting, calculating profit/loss, and the importance of saving. As Samya implied, she used to receive external help with the financial matters related to her business, but now she manages her business finances on her own without any additional help. She became more self-reliant and independent in this regard. In addition, the training has helped her to separate her personal and business finances.

Samya aspires to grow her business and expand it. She needs to increase the number of her sheep, and fix the sheepfold to protect the sheep.